Monday, July 30, 2007

If you thought my blood pressure was high before...


It was gently pointed out tonight by a certain (husbandly) someone that discussing the inner workings of my labia is perhaps not the best use of my time and talent. While I strongly disagree (MY READERS DESERVE THE TRUTH!) from here on out there will be no more twat talk.

Unless something really crazy happens. I can't be expected to keep that to myself.

Had the 20 week sonogram today. Everything looks keen. (I'm so gunning for that word to make a comeback...) Possum weighs about a pound, the heartbeat is great and (whew) there's definite penis/gonad action happening. (It was still a tad sketchy last time.) Unfortunately my blood pressure was wonky so the doc sent me to a cardiologist to have what the professionals call "a little look-see". Let me tell you, having your OB check your blood pressure six - yes, six - times before packing you off to a cardiologist ("Just a precaution! TRY TO GET IN TODAY!") definitely jump-starts your week. Luckily Cardiodude gave me a clean bill of health.

Now if only he could do something about my... never mind.

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Missy said...

Well if this writing thing doesn't work out you could always start your own talkshow entitled Twat Talk. I bet the ratings would be huge.

The blood pressure thing is a big bummer. I had issues with it climbing steadily with both kids. Although, my OB found that it was best to take mine at the end of the visit, I tend to have a bit of that white coat hypertension thing and waiting until the end gave me lower readings.