Thursday, October 22, 2009


Maybe we should start substituting the Dictionary

It's articles like this that make me want to punch something. Not that I condone punching, or any sort of aggressive physicality (you paying attention, kid?) but... ugh.


Bern said...

I'm so sorry that school has come to this. We've faced it here to (LA area). I was even half considering home schooling. The good thing is that you CAN write from anywhere.... Our little neighborhood is a gem....

Missy said...

Aw jeez.
#1 has been tested twice for the gifted program and missed the cut off by just a few points.

We didn't necessarily want the gifted class, as it meant her being bussed across town one day a week, which hardly seemed worth the trouble. What we wanted was the IEP so that we could get her curriculum modified because our primary issue is that she is RARELY challenged by her school work.

We are better at it now, and her reputation proceeds her somewhat I guess, but it has been less of an issue the past few years. But I tell you, if you have a child who is not challenged in school, it is definitely up to the parent to get something done. Our experience has been that the primary focus is on kids who are not up to par, and those that are and need help in the other direction are just left alone.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

I'm with Missy. Caitlin is in the Talented & Gifted program in her school, but what does that MEAN when there is no T&G TEACHER or pullout classes at ALL? Budget cuts made the T&G teacher go away.

So the slow kids get the cash, the normal kids get what they always get (for good or bad) and the faster kids get to sit around and stew. Or slow down. If I had a bucket of money, I'd try to get her in to the ONE advanced elementary school around these here parts, but I don't. So we're stuck trying to get the school to do stuff for her that they don't have the $ or people to do. All of that potential is sort of leaking away.

As for home schooling? Not me. Not in a million years. We don't mix well for teaching purposes, my child and I. Ugh.