Sunday, October 18, 2009


This may come as a shock but if you throw your back and out and can't sit for a week, it makes typing awful damn tricky.

But now that I'm in physical therapy, I'm ready to rock and roll! (Or sit and stare, as the case may be.) Lucky for me I'm ramped on half-price Halloween candy (you know the economy's bad when they put the candy on sale before the holiday) and trying very hard to remember that eating my weight in Kit Kats is a Don't. I can't wait for Halloween! Since the boy's favorite word is "bee" his costume was a no-brainer. He's been breaking it in for the last few weeks, parading about with his chubby legs and Look At Me grin. The hat's a little small (more like a yarmulke with antennae) but that don't stop the cute. Rumor has it the guy who plays Alan on Sesame Street (he's the new Mr. Hooper, for those sans pre-Ks) lives in our building so we'll be making a pilgrimage to his place come Halloween as soon as I stalk out his apartment number.

Let me tell you, the kids make out good in this building. 46 floors, 15 apartments on each floor. And that's just one building! Even if only half the people offer candy, that's a lot of loot. This time of year always makes me crave a house. My happiest memories are of running from house to house, seeing the kids up ahead, finding out who gave pennies (or - gasp! - FULL SIZED BARS). Now kids just go to the mall, I guess. Do your kids still go house to house? Anybody collecting for UNICEF? (I totally thought about doing that this year. It's not like Owen will be eating the candy anyway.)

In other news, I'm learning that soon-to-be-2-year-olds cry a lot. Seems like everything makes Owen fritz these days. Pancakes aren't ready fast enough, the world ends. Toy car won't roll in the right direction? Smack it, then cry. Crayon isn't the right color? Wail, bang on table, then toss it. He's not tantruming exactly, but there's a definite shift. And why is it suddenly so hard to diaper this kid? I know the diaper-while-standing trick but I've always found it difficult at best (and if there's a poop, neigh on impossible). Anybody else's kid start refusing the changing table? Any good solutions? Because I am going to sell this kid to the gypsies if he doesn't stop kicking. (I've babysat kids who actually aimed for my face. Needless to say, it did not end pretty.)

Tears aside, he's still a ball of sunshine. He's talking up a storm and managing to put together some pretty great sentences, mostly having to do with things he deems awesome. ("See dat cool car?", "Eat pancake! Mmm!") But he still can't pronounce his H's so I get to pretend that I have a French baby for a little while longer. ("Daddy 'ave a 'at!") Is it wrong to hope that he never learns the correct way to say "bubbles"?


EBPitcher said...

No, it's not wrong! I'm right there with you on the "bubbles" pronunciation. And my husband's right behind me on it, too!

Hope your back gets better soon! I can't imagine running after little bit with a back problem...

Missy said...

We house to house it every year with the kids. I believe in tradition dammit! No mall for me. I don't frequent it anyway, and certainly not on halloween!

LOVE the boy's bee costume. My #1 child was a Bee for her first halloween. So cute. I still have the costume.

Fraulicious said...

Life sure is dramatic for the just under two set, isn't it? But, I have to say, it also has a lot of ups.

For Halloween, we will be going from house to house (just a couple of houses) in our little street. Didn't grow up with Halloween (it hadn't reached Europe back then), so it's not as big a deal for me; but I can't imagine going to the mall for it. Where's the fun in that? Watch me change my tune when my girl starts insisting on the mall in a couple of years. :)

Hope your back continues to get better, soon!

caramama said...

Hope your back is all better soon!

Best thing we ever did for diaper changes was to switch to Pull-ups. MUCH easier to do the standing up changes, even with poop in them. You can either pull them down or pull apart the sides to get the diapers off.

Colleen said...

Sure, we still go door-to-door. And we drive back to the old neighborhood to visit--and all the KBI employees meet at work for 10 minutes for a photo op and so we can all hand out candy/see each other's kids at one time--and we go trick-or-treating at all the downtown businesses on a designated Saturday morning (another good chance to see costumes)--and we go to trick-or-treat event at the zoo on the Saturday night before Halloween, run by some local volunteer groups. Spooky and fun. And some of us even go trick-or-treating at the local convent once in a while--the nuns get a kick out of seeing the kids.

Needless to say we then have enough candy to last until Easter, easy.

I hope your back is doing better. I've had back problems too, and it's scary when you are having visions of being on disability in your thirties because you can't move!