Sunday, September 27, 2009


There are many things I should be doing right now, like meeting my writing deadlines or washing the dishes. Instead, I'm sitting here in an oversized tee pretending to interview Drew Barrymore. (For the record, she thinks I'm awesome.)

In other news, I've become obsessed with moving. Scratch that. I've become obsessed with looking up real estate listings in cool little towns that I will probably never set foot in. I really enjoy New York City (this week I've seen EMTs resuscitating a drunk next to a guy in a giant duck costume, a very tiny Michael Jackson impersonator, and Jemaine and Brent from Flight of the Conchords) but the thought of more than one bedroom is catnipping the shit out of my brain. Matt and I have been debating Portland (he wants Oregon, I want Maine) and New Paltz but any quaint, friendly, progressive, walkable, nature-friendly, affordable, arts-heavy place will do, as long as it has really good schools. Easy, right?

We're nursing a case of the icks around here. (Runny noses, green snot. You know the drill.) Owen has been hit especially hard. He snuffles around the apartment crying "All done! All done!" and wiping his nose on the cat. I tried to raise the head of his mattress to help him breathe better but unfortunately I underestimated my toddler's interest in climbing to the top and sliding down. (Perhaps I should have used the Philip Pullmans instead of the Harry Potters...) But I did discover these awesome things to help with his sore nose - they're called Boogie Wipes (terrible, terrible name) and they're great for kids whose noses have been rubbed raw by tissues. They're little saline wipes (saline helps dissolve mucus) and are really gentle on stuffy noses. It's the only thing Owen will allow us to wipe with. (Bonus: the scents are nice and subtle, unlike most kid's products.)

Say, did I mention that POWERLESS comes out on Oct. 27? Exciting, exciting, exciting! (Psst - I have some very cool news to share once I get the "all clear" from the Powers - read: publicists - That Be.) Buy this book and help us buy our child a shirt with sleeves!


Colleen said...

My sister-in-law moved to Portland, Oregon (from Iowa) many years ago after deciding that she'd love it. And she does. She has become the biggest Portland booster you will ever see!

blank said...

Here's a bold statement: If you move to Portland, so will I. So.... that's on the table.

blank said...

by "blank" they mean "kristopher".

blank said...

Oh. and also -

I often pretend I'm being interviewed by Conan O'Brien or David Letterman. The phrase "Renaissance Man" is bandied about quite a bit.

sammy said...

powerless - already pre-ordered on amazon. glad i can help put food in your adorable son's mouth.