Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So I had my college (yes, COLLEGE) reunion last weekend. It was surprisingly jerk-free, which is no mean feat seeing as how we're all performers. (I graduated from a theater conservatory, which is why I'm thoroughly unqualified for anything.) As someone who spent much of their twenties being a dumbass, freaking out because I wasn't reaching the heights to which I was so clearly intended, a reunion is anxiety-producing stuff. That said, I think I managed to avoid the insecurity puff. Maybe it's having a child or finding a way to express myself that doesn't require daily rejection but I spent the entire weekend being my true, slightly unimpressive, Spanx-wearing self. It wasn't as much fun as pretending that I was up for a series lead* but a hell of a lot easier to maintain after a glass of wine.

The boy is still slow with the verbiage. (Thanks for all the support and encouragement, those with slow talkers.) I've decided to put the kibosh on talking about it in front of Owen - he toooootally understands what were saying these days. I don't want him to think something's wrong and besides, they're coming to evaluate him so talking about what MIGHT be wrong isn't helpful. He'll either work with a speech pathologist or he won't. My gut tells me that he'll talk when he's ready. When he has something to say that can't be communicated with a grunt or by pointing, he'll change. Right now, grunting and pointing (or going and getting what he wants) works fine for him. I'm curious to see what the speech therapist suggests - assuming he needs one. Right now we're doing so much mirroring/Old MacDonald singing/reading/ABC-ing/talking back to Steve on Blue's Clues, there's no room for anything else!

*Speaking of trying to be cooler than you really are, does anybody else spend an inordinate amount of time pretending that Jim from The Office is in love with them? Really? No?


Missy said...

Did I mention that I could have had a 10 year GRADUATE SCHOOL reunion last year. That is if my school did such things. Which they don't apparently. Or at least they don't let me know about it if they do. Now I'm worried that I was not informed of my non-existant 10 year graduate school reunion.

Suck on that Neurosis!

jeff said...

When Jim talks to the camera or makes that little smirk, it's like he's looking just at me...only to me.

He's so dreamy.

sammy said...

what fun! i want more reunion dish.

p.s. in my alternate/pretend life, jim and i get it on after hours on dwight's desk.