Monday, May 11, 2009

This one's for the ladies

Gents, if you enjoy reading about gynecological issues by all means read along. If not, you might want to skip this one...

Okay girls, real quick (I hear the boy stirring): have any of you had a colposcopy? I had an abnormal reading on my latest pap, and because I had an abnormal reading 8 years ago they're required to move on to this scary-sounding step. My doctor has reassured me that they're not doing a biopsy and that it won't hurt (normally when a male doctor tells me it won't hurt I make a run for the Advil, but my doc is a charming gay guy whose love of high-fives and the word "awesome" belies his skills. He delivered the boy without a hitch and performed some seriously beautiful repair work, and his paps are pain-free) but I'm feeling pretty nervous. Not so much that I think it's the Big C - they've ruled out HPV which means I'm "totally, totally" fine (his words)- but I'm worried that because I have a yeast infection that I can't seem to shake, the results will stay squirrelly and they'll need to do a biopsy. Has anyone gone through this b.s.? How'd it turn out?

Baby calls!

* UPDATE: So apparently "no biopsy" means "okay, maybe biopsy" because I totally had a biopsy. It's never good to hear the doctor say "well, I can definitely see the cells they're referring to" when you're talking about potentially cancer-y ones but in his opinion, the cells look like a strain of HPV that they don't care about. Seems to me that if nobody cares about it than it shouldn't send off biopsy bells, but what do I know? He told me over and over that nothing he saw concerned him so I'm taking that at face value. Now I just have to wait for lab results.

(staring at phone)


Missy said...

Medical procedures suck.

I am sending healthy cell thoughts your way.

This getting old shit sucks.

colleen said...

Hope you get your good news phone call soon, before you pass out waiting! Thinking of you!

I agree Missy--it's hell getting old. Or even getting to where we can kinda sorta see it from here...