Friday, March 20, 2009

Thar she blows

Dude. DUDE.

I hear movement from the crib so I only have a mo (for the record, shortening words is very '07. You hear me, Whatevs?) but I wanted to do a quick rant about whining. I am going to eat my own hair if this kid doesn't stop with the "Ehn! Ehn!" (I can see you poised over the keyboard, ready to warn me about the Fatal Fours.) What do you do to bring the blood pressure down? Count to ten? Booze it up? Mama needs answers, quick!


Dan G said...

Whine back. Confuse him.

Missy said...

In what situations are you getting the whining?

Toddlers are cranky and contrary creatures. I have always kind of viewed it like a precursor of sorts to adolescence. You have this increased yet very incomplete understanding of how the world works, limited language, and are completely unable to understand anything outside of your own needs,wants, and desires.

Toddlerhood is just a big case of too big for your britches and being down right pissed off about it.

As far as advice goes, I tend to ignore whining, but that can be tricky at his age.

EBPitcher said...

I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO feel your pain! Take a deep breath and check to make sure nothing is really wrong, then just ignore it. Ear plugs might be handy. After a while if mine gets no response and he moves on. Or you can provide a distraction. Or sometimes I just resort to feeding him snacks. It appeases him and distracts him. And if it gets really bad, I call in reinforcements - oh, Dad!

Bern said...

Just for accuracy its the "f-ing fours"! Whine = wine!

Julie said...

This might be useful a little bit later (mine is 3 1/2) but I tell him I can't understand him when he whines. Other times I say I can't hear him because it hurts my ears when he talks that way. Then I make him say it over and over and over again ("gosh, I still can't understand you! Can you try it one more time?") until there is some semblance of a normal voice - usually by the third or fourth time he's so pissed off he's yelling it at me but hey, at least he's not whining anymore! Then I compliment him profusely on what a great big boy voice he used and comply with whatever demand happily (within reason, of course).