Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm celebrating with wine and roses. Or baby bottles and diaper duty. It's all good.


I plan on celebrating by letting the boy have some much-coveted TV time (mostly so mama can have some much-coveted TV time) and by ignoring the fact that the kid only took a 40 minute nap this morning. I'm pretending not to notice that he's awake or feel crummy because he had a nightmare and spent god knows how long sobbing in his crib while I lazed about in the shower. Let me tell you, nothing arouses toddler curiosity faster than a sopping wet mother with a towel on her head. Try to get a kid back to sleep after that, just try.

I will forget all that because it is Barack Obama Day. He will be giving a speech and it will be awesome. My kingdom for a ticket to that Inauguration!

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