Thursday, January 29, 2009

All Hail Science!

I happy now!

Well the poor kid finally seems to be on the mend. (God bless modern medicine!) He still whimpers occasionally and pulls on his ears but the major, major ouch seems to have passed. Of course as soon as he started on the amoxicillin a nurse warned my mom about a possible link between antibiotics and autism, which is exactly what you want to worry about when your kid is moaning and feverish. (FYI, I asked the doc about the link. She said no dice.) Did you read about the doctor who recently debunked the autism/immunization link? Apparently he's been receiving death threats. I can't imagine how heartbreaking/exhausting/immobilizing it must be to parent an autistic child, especially when you fervently believe there's a connection between the shots and the disorder, but it seems counterproductive to murder someone over it. Instead of proving what isn't causing it, shouldn't we be finding out what is?

Allow me to tiptoe over to a safer topic...

I'm finally taking a magazine writing course. I'm not sure how smart it is, considering the glossies are going the way of the dodo (R.I.P. Domino! Cottage Living! VOGUE!) but I want to see if it's something I can do. If print dies, I figure I can always translate the skill to online media. (Says the woman who can't figure out how to restart her modem.) I'm great at coming up with ideas but jiminy, there's a lot of research that goes into this bullshit! I've only ever written personal essays where the only research involves how much wine one can consume before the typing gets garbled. Being full-time parent-ish (and lazy) I'm trying to shoehorn as much Ali into my pitches as possible, which isn't as easy as it sounds. Not that many magazines go for an Ali-type vibe, surprisingly enough. Still, I'm trying. It's fun to have someone new to write for. Speaking of, I should probably get off the blog and start working on my homework...

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