Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I need a new wedding band too. (Oops.)

So we're coming up on the end of another year, huh? (Wasn't it 2004, like, a minute ago?) The squirrel in my brain has already started chattering about things like "career direction" and "waist-to-hip ratio" but I'm not going to let it get to me. It's a new year and by golly I'm going to seize it by the horns or the balls or the throat and get me some proactivity, goldarnit! I've started looking into classes at NYU, considered the idea of getting some of my cards produced professionally to shop to local boutiques, embarked on a staunch No Television rule (unless Top Chef is on), and will be heading back to Weight Watchers come January 10th. (Baby belly be gone!) Other resolutions:

- US Weekly will no longer be considered a "book".
- I'm going to buy a real coat. One that doesn't make me look like an olive.
- Instead of blogging every night, I'll alternate blog and novel writing nights. That book ain't gonna write itself, as much as I ask it to...
- That dear old friend? The one who lives 6 blocks away and yet has never met my son? Fix that.
- Decide on a signature drink. Go fancy places and order it.
- One word: kegels.
- Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, visit the top of the Empire State Building, sit in the audience at Letterman, eat pastrami at Katz's, visit the Intrepid, rent a canoe at Central Park, ice skate at Rockefeller Center, and eat sushi at Nobu (and find someone to pay for it).
- Finish the g-d BIRTH STORY!

How about you, Resolutionistas? Big plans for the new year?


Missy said...

Ohhh! OOOh! I can help you with your Brooklyn Bridge and etc resolutions if you can wait until say...June? We have officially decided it is just NY for us this summer, so we will have a bit longer trip there.

Hmm resolutions. I have lots of ideas floating in my head, but have not settled yet.

Missy said...

Oh yeah. What happened to your wedding band?

Victoria said...

Sidecar. Looks like pee, tastes like heaven. That's your cocktail.

Ali said...

M - I can totally wait until June! It might be a little warm but what's a little stink between friends?

I'm not sure what happened to my band. I took it off and now it's gone. (I suspect the cats.)

V- Sidecars are TOTALLY my drink of choice! Great minds think alike.

Missy said...

Well, if I am to believe what our friend Dan has to say, I apparently need to put on the stink if I am going to be a true NY Tourist.

Umm have I mentioned lately..THAT I CAN"T WAIT!!

Victoria said...

Et voila! I suddenly feel as clairvoyant as la Binoche in "Chocolat."