Friday, November 28, 2008

I wrote part of this yesterday so pardon the time lapse.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYBODY! Hopefully you're all knee deep in stuffing and happiness. I'm waiting with baited breath to see how my ridiculously expensive turkey will turn out. In my yearly attempt to find a happy bird (organic, free-range, heritage, massaged, draped in gold) I spent far more than a person really should on poultry. And I didn't even get a whole bird! The farmer convinced me that since I was only having 4 people (actually 2 1/2, considering that Amanda doesn't eat meat) I should just buy a breast. I'm a sucker for a perceived bargain so I said sure. How much could a 6 lb. breast be?

It's Thanksgiving. They sell turkeys. You do the math.

Guess how much I paid? Higher. Higher. Trust me, you're not even close.

$35. That's how much I paid. $35.

What can I say? I was at the market, the weather was crisp and festive, the farmer was kindly and reputable... (There was also a line of people huffing and snuffing over the fact that I was taking longer than my allotted 3 minutes of farmer face time. Never underestimate peer pressure in impulse purchases.) When he said the price I just went with it. ($40 for a turkey breast? No prob!) But yeah, prob! Who pays that much for turkey? Pretentious, gullible bleeding hearters who just saw the Sarah Palin turkey video, that's who. (Have you seen that debacle? W-o-w.)

My first attempt at making T-day turkey. Ugly but tasty! (Love the meds in the background. Food styling - not my forte.)

You can take the girl out of the Midwest... From left: Amanda's famous rolls, sweet potato casserole, stuffing, green bean casserole, untouched gravy, more stuffing, mashed potatoes, homemade cranberry sauce, turkey and carrots (for a half-hearted attempt at healthiness)

The verdict?

Mmmm! Goob!

Oh man, the kid is coughing up a storm. He doesn't have the bronchitis bark but it's definitely deep and raw. He's refusing food and the bottle today but at least he's sleeping, which is more than I can say for the past 2 days. Any suggestions on how to get food/liquids down a kid whose mouth is clamped tighter than Ann Coulter's? (Did you hear she got her jaw wired shut? HAPPY HOLIDAYS!) I've tried slushy oj, his favorite grilled squash, egg yolks - anything I can think to tempt him - but aside from a few bites of the Thanksgiving feast, the most he's eaten are 5 or 6 pieces of puffed wheat cereal. It's scary when your baby won't eat. Or drink! That's even worse. Whenever he sees me coming with the sippy cup (or the rubber bulb or the tissues) he starts crying and swatting and "na-na"-ing at me. "For your own good" is a tough concept at 11 months...

Insert sneeze here

Of course with all the phlegm flying around I've managed to catch my own version of Baby Blech. Just follow the trail of wadded up Kleenex and you'll find me. Luckily I have a wonderful, loving, probably-angling-for-something husband who took over baby duty this morning so I could get an extra hour of sleep. I was so tired I didn't hear Will have breakfast (if you can call a handful of puffs and spit-out yogurt "breakfast". Gotta get this kid to eat). I also didn't hear one of the cats puke all over the bed. Now THAT'S tired.

Aw crap, the kid's awake. I was hoping for a marathon nap this morning. Time to make the donuts!

(*Also, if anyone has a suggestion for a leak-free - and BPA-free - sippy cup, I'd be all over it.)


Bern said...

Have you tried Tylenol for the pain? Maybe his throat will hurt less..? Also, Pedicare makes Gatoraide-like (suitable for babies) popsicles which might make his little throat feel better and hydrate. Don't worry so much about the food, focus on the liquids. (And you have ruled out strep-throat, right?)

Those are my thoughts on it. Hope he gets better fast!

pursuedbyabear said...

I was going to say the same thing, if he won't take liquids, his throat hurts. Give him some tylonal, it's ok to do, he's in pain. Also it is very important that they get liquids. SO you must get something down him. Have you taken him to the doctor? I think he needs to go. XO

Missy said...

I gotta say that I agree with the two above, sounds like doctor time. We have a three day rule at our house, no improvement, or little improvement after three days we give the doc a call. UNLESS it is a fever accompanied only a sore throat. Then it is straight to the doctor because that means only one thing and that is STREP. Those croupy coughs can give you a pretty sore throat, but sometimes too, one illness breeds another, especially at this age. #1 was about his age when she came down with strep,pink eye, and an ear infcetion all at one time. Hope things get better soon!

EBPitcher said...

I'm a little behind in my reading, but try a humidifier at night. And I 3rd the Tylenol. My son actually likes it and will take it with no fighting!