Monday, November 3, 2008

Assume wine is involved with this post.

Apparently there is something called a "meme" going around and I have been tagged. I don't know what a meme is but it wants me to tell you seven random things about myself and since I haven't met a chance to be narcissistic that I didn't like, I'm gonna.

1) I have a large scar that runs from underneath my left boob around to the middle of my back. It's from the heart surgery I had when I was five. People often ask if it's from a boob job which seems odd, considering my boobs.

2) I wanted to be a professional ballet dancer from the ages of 10 to 17. When I realized that no matter how hard I tried I would never be good enough (or thin enough, or flexible enough) I stopped. I still love ballet and think that there is nothing better than sitting in Lincoln Center, listening to the orchestra tune up.

3) I saw my first penis in 2nd grade at my babysitter's house. The boy's name was Mike Holliday. He climbed up on the couch, pulled down his pants and yelled "SUPERMAAAAN!" before jumping off. I assumed all boys did that.

4) I spent the bulk of the 4th grade pretending to be married to Almanzo Wilder.

5) The talent I most wish I had is the ability to sing, followed by the ability to play the cello, followed by the ability to cook.

6) I find cereal for breakfast depressing.

7) As a child I hated peanut butter and jelly. Throughout the 6 years of grade school, I brought my lunch, and I would only eat two things: bean with bacon or cream of potato soup. Thank god for thermoses.

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