Monday, September 29, 2008

She's a Superthrift (She's Superthrifty)

Okay, I've avoided talking about the economy because I have no idea of your various financial states and didn't want to mush anyone's manicure, but I saw this posting on UrbanBaby the other day and almost spit out my soup.

I can't imagine what it must feel like for dh to shoulder the burden of keep us all financially afloat. I work and make low six figures, but it still wouldn't be enough for us to live.

At first I was shocked, not because of this woman's seeming inability to live on two six figure incomes but because it was nice. I tend to skip the UrbanBaby boards because they're so petty and mean - and coming from me, that's saying something. But then I refocused on the fact that this woman CAN'T SEEM TO LIVE ON TWO SIX FIGURE INCOMES. (Maybe hubby makes more than six figures. That's the implication, no?) I know this is New York City. I'm very aware of how large incomes can seem small when measured against $16,000 rentals and $40,000 preschools but come the frack on. We live on ONE not-even-close-to-six-figure income and yes, it's very, very hard and no, our child will probably not attend private school and yes, our families still have to help us out sometimes with things like airfare for visits home which is plenty embarrassing, but good goddamn, $2,000 for flights?! And yet we still manage to pay our rent and live relatively debt-free. I WILL SAY that we have a lot of blessings where we live (a place I won't mention for anonymity's sake) so maybe I'm completely out of touch but if we couldn't stay afloat on that amount of cash, methinks it'd be time to move.

This economic crisis is scary, I will say that. What are you doing (if anything) to cut costs these days?


Missy said...

Can't live on two six figure incomes. I can't even wrap my head around that idea. If we had ONE six figure income that is the only income we would have, because then someone would stay home to make life easier.

I don't know that we have made radical changes as of yet, but we are certainly skipping a lot of the more frivolous purchases, and putting a lot more thought and attention in to where our money is going. We have been trying and succeeding to a point in eating out less (which is tough with our schedules right now). We are combining errands down to one trip as much as possible. Little things here and there, and I think overall a greater sense of appreciation for what we have, as there is now so much in your face evidence that things are not secure and guaranteed.

Woman with a Hatchet said...




Woman with a Hatchet said...

Sorry, I was so appalled I posted too early.

Six figures and you can barely get by? SOMEBODY'S got some priority issues, methinks.

We don't even have an INCOME around here (it's all outgo) and we're scraping by. The economy is sucking for one of us to get hired in a lawyerly way. The other of us has decided to professionally farm, so at least food is cheap/free for labor!

See, when you make so much money that you no longer understand how NORMAL people live, you need to get your head, reality and empathy checked.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I wouldn't even know what to do if we made six figures. And this whole economy downfall thing has me more thatn a little worried. we already live a very thrifty lifestyle. If I am liucky we go out to eat once a month. I do all my shopping at Wally World, so much so tht last year when I filled out a form for the PTA to give to parents to help in buying us teacher's gifts I didn't kow any store other than Wallly Word to put as my favorite store. I haven't seem the inside of a Mall for over two years. My kids had to beg me to take them to Shoe carnival, I think they were expecting clowns and rides, but still...My last "vacation" was a teacher's convention in Utah. since I was the only member of my faculity going I was able to put my family up in my room. Even the camera that I use to take family pictures is actually one that is from my school to take class pictures with.
If it weren't for where I work and live (which are about the exact same place - literialy) I wouldn't have much to speak of. I have wonderful generous people in my life who share clothes and toys with my kids and myself. I have a great friend who can always find cheep if not free programs to put our kids in so they can have the same experiences that other kids at school get to have. And my parents are always good for a meal out when they come to visit, and thye even send the kids a few bucks for things like dance uniforms, fireworks, and pumpkins.
I only hope that one day I will find myself in the finiancal situation where I can help someone in the same that these people have helped me.

Ali said...

Oh Anon, I feel your pain. (That sounds totally condescending since I don't have to struggle nearly as significantly these days, but trust me - TRUST ME - I've been there. When you realize that you're thirty-something, educated, and qualify for food stamps, the world becomes a scary place.) You have all my respect.