Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pioneer Ali probably wouldn't approve of my lack of Bible reading.

So here's my new thing - whenever I start to get freaky about anything baby related I'm going to ask myself, "What Would Pioneer Ali Do?" Because I guaran-damn-tee that Caroline Ingalls didn't sit around wondering if Laura was losing IQ points because she skipped her third nap. No! She was busy making tar soap and balloons out of pig bladders! Sure I was about to write this whole big thing about how I feel crummy over the fact that baby boy went to sleep at 5:45 (!!!) because he refused to go down for his third nap at a reasonable time so instead of forcing him to stay in bed like the books say I dragged him to the pool which left him exhausted by 4:30 (which is precariously close to dinner/bedtime) but instead of letting him nap for an hour and allowing him go to bed later (which is what a nice, sensible mom would do), I rushed the dinner/bath combo and let him conk out early because the thought of having to entertain him for an additional 2 hours was more than I could handle without wine in the house.

Pioneer Ali probably wouldn't worry about that. Pioneer Ali would probably say something like, "Is the young'un still alive? Then it was a successful day." Actually she probably wouldn't even say that much because she would be in bed by now. As I should be, seeing as how someone was up at (deep breath in) 3:30 this morning.

I'll be in bed by 8.


badsara said...

Holy crap, i've thought the SAME thing while watching Little House (i'm a huge fan). I also don't understand how anyone in that house got any sleep. there was always a baby, who seemed to sleep quietly and perfectly in a cradle in the middle of the room while everyone else went about their wholesome business. my kids each have there own ROOMS and they don't sleep that well. but i bet Caroline didn't take any "i'm not taking a nap today" bullshit.

pursuedbyabear said...

You did nothing wrong. And YOU HAVE A POOL!!!! Geez.

Victoria said...

I have always marveled at the pigs' bladder balloons. Also at Robbie Benson's cuteness.