Tuesday, September 9, 2008

On a lighter note, Isis is totally taking Top Model this season

Okay, I never ever do this but this election totally has me fired up. The Obama campaign is starting to have financial troubles. He refused to accept government aid for his campaign because he wanted to raise the money by himself, proving that small donations from many can defeat big donations from few, but he's starting to struggle. McCain is 10 points ahead in the polls. 10 points. Sarah Palin admits that she doesn't know much about McCain's position on Iraq, or even what's going on there, even as she ships her son off. She believes in teaching Creationism in school. She belongs to the Wasilla Assembly of God, the people who brought you "Jesus Camp." (Netflix it and weep.) She doesn't just want to overturn Roe vs Wade, she wants to outlaw any and all abortion - even in cases of incest or rape. She has strong religious views on sex before marriage. (I'm very curious how she's squaring this with her own daughter.) She doesn't believe in teaching sex education in the classroom. She doesn't believe that global warming is real. She has absolutely no experience in international relations (she only got her passport last year). Contrary to what some overzealous bloggers have said, she hasn't banned any books - she just asked the local librarian what the librarian would do if she asked her not to carry certain books. (She says it was a rhetorical question.) I want a woman in the White House but I can't shake the feeling that Sarah Palin is just an old white man with tits.

McCain will be 72 when he takes office. 76 at the end of his first term. I'm just saying.

Whether you are a Hillary supporter or an Obama supporter, we have to help each other defeat "McPalin" by helping Barak get the money he needs to spread the word. $10, $20 - people like us make a difference. Please encourage your friends and family to help too.

Donate here.

Let's make this thing happen.


Missy said...

If you donate 12 bucks through Move On you will also get an Obama t-shirt. Who doesn't love a good t-shirt?

Ali said...

Already did it! (I still haven't gotten my Obama button though...)