Thursday, August 28, 2008

That's what I get for being smug.

Remember that big to-do I made over the yesterday's 12 hour sleep? Well this morning he was up before before the rooster crowed and mama was p-u-r-t-u-r-b-e-d. Yesterday's big, fat nighttime sleep led to two seriously booshitty naps which led to a baby who was barely holding it together by 6 pm, so by 4:20 (oy!) he'd slept for 10 hours and was ready to start the day. I pulled him into bed and managed to squeak out another half hour with my patented hum/pat/jiggle combo but I think we're both still feeling a bit woozy. Poor kid - his body's really doing a number on him. I'd read that babies practice new skills in their sleep but I figured they meant mentally. I'll hear crying from the bedroom and find Will up on all fours, still half-asleep. It's bizarre - he'll be completely out and then all of a sudden his body will start to twitch and curl until he's pulled into a crawling position. The guy has no idea how he got there (or why he's awake) which makes for one confused and exhausted little kid. And for some reason whenever he gets really tired he feels an overwhelming need to kiss me. I'll be trying to rock him to sleep and he'll grab me and start rubbing his (wide open) mouth back and forth across my face. It's like being mauled by a small, affectionate drunk.

I hear the dulcet tones of my little angel..


electriclady said...

Aw, poor little guy. Around that age I once watched my girl, in her sleep, roll up to sit upright, which of course promptly woke her up. Very confusing for the babes.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

"Maaaahm! I luuuuuv you, maaahm! I luv you SO MUCH. You're my best friend! Hic! Pass the milk."

Last night was rough for Logan, too. He was up at 2 am and STARVING. Eric took him downstairs for snacks. I passed out.

Parenthood. Oy!

Valerie said...

I remember very clearly the very night that Sebastian was perfecting his rolling over back to front or front to back, I forget. He was lying next to me and kept throwing his leg over back have rolling over one way and then the other. I think I finally held him down a little bit so he'd be still and finally go to sleep.