Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's giving me a stomachache

Anybody else worried that this hurricane is going to turn out in McCain's favor? He's managing to look awfully Presidential with it... (Plus they don't have to explain why Bush and Cheney aren't there.) Makes me a little tense, this.


Missy said...

I hadn't really thought about it in those terms. However I am often afraid something is going to happen to give him some kind of giant boost, and likely won't rest easy until November. If things don't go the Obama way then I may have to seriously look in to anti-depressants/anxiety medication. (I am looking for a line other than the old standby of moving to another country, because of course that will never happen. Medication, however is never out of the realm of possibility.)

Ali said...

Yeah, I can't get over the fact that after that fantastic convention, after McCain's ridiculous veep pick, after 75,000 showed up to see Obama speak, McCain is still tied. Obama hasn't gotten any kind of bump and McCain hasn't lost any. I'm starting to think that Obama's maxed out - that he's gotten every single person he possibly can - and that undecided 10% is just going to go with the old white guy out of safety. And then he's going to croak and we'll be ruled by an evangelical, unexperienced, foreign policy-free hockey mom.

Talk me down here, peeps.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

I think she's going to have so many skeletons come flying out of her closet that she will step down and then McCain will pick some other old white dude. Maybe Lieberman?

Good grief, the woman's DAUGHTER is preggers? And she's keeping it and marrying the 17 year old boy that fathered it? Is Palin going to leave them by themselves in AK or take them to DC where they will all be hounded by the press? Is that the decision of a good mom? N effin' way!

Maybe he just has Alzheimer's and no one could convince him to really vet Palin. You can't convince me that he knew anything about her since he couldn't possibly have WILLINGLY chosen a VP with family issues such as these!

Ali said...

Apparently he only met her once - ONCE - before asking her to be veep.

I'm more concerned about that brand new 4 month old with Downs than the teen. A friend pointed out that it's going to be awfully hard to "focus on family" if you're trying to help run the country. And - as my friend also pointed out - she would feel just as sketchy if it was a MAN who just had a baby who required so much attention. (And we all know how sleep deprivation clouds your sanity, which is just what we want, a heartbeat away... Oh who are we kidding? You know they'll have nannies.)

Trouble with the 17 year old, it fits with the Evangelical push McCain was going for, he being a touch lefty and all. Get 'em married and breeding early! As long as she's not aborting it and is marrying the father, the Evangelical base won't mind.