Saturday, August 30, 2008

If anybody comes across any cute Obama baby tees, let a mama know.

How delicious is mama's baby food?


Houston, we have our FIRST WORD!

After 9 months of discomfort, 12 hours of back labor, 20 minutes of pushing and 4 months of the blues, my beloved baby Willem's first word is:


"Da-da"? Really kid, "da-da"? He's been gearing up for the past few weeks, calling anything and everything "da-da", but Thursday afternoon after a session of daddy kisses Will grabbed Matt's face and cooed "daaaa". Since then, nothing had been "da-da" except da-da. It's always done with such love, like no one is more wonderful or important than his "da".


He's so proud, seeking out Matt just so he can say it. It's crazy adorable (that tiny falsetto!) but I can't help being a touch miffed. MAMA! MA-MA! Are M's really that much harder than D's? Not any harder than getting up every 40 minutes for four long months, mister!

Still no crawling, just a whole lot of face plants. He's trying so hard... (God knows he's got the thighs for it. I've got to get a picture because seeing is still not believing. Huuuuge.) He's also started a new game we're calling Scary Monster. Will balls his fists up and roars, and Matt screams like a little girl. (That part's very important. If you don't scream then he scrunches up his face and roars until you cooperate. Granted, the "roar" is more like a cute little "arrrrr!" but he gets points for creativity.)

On a completely unrelated note, I came across an old Bobby McFerrin video the other day while hunting for new kiddie music. "Don't Worry, Be Happy" is significantly less annoying when you can watch 3 minutes of Bill Irwin clowning.


elisava said...

my three year old's first word (after a day of labor and a forceps delivery) was da-da. my ten month old also says da-da, and almost "ball". no momma yet from her. also, they both loose their little minds when he comes in the door from work like he walks on freakin water. sigh. no respect!

Missy said...

#1's first word was uh-oh. For weeks everything was uh-oh. I am not recalling #2's first word right now...I think she just went right in to full sentences or something. She's a talker.

Looove those babies.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

You needed to name him something that started with an "em" sound. Note that Emma said Ma-ma first, but Logan still hasn't.

Hmm?! you could give him an EM sounding nickname and see if he catches on really fast.