Thursday, July 24, 2008

Guess who's counting Points these days?

I had a callback yesterday for a fruity, roll uppy snack product whose name I won't mention. Getting a callback was nice - I needed the validation. After two crummy auditions (and a year of none) making New York's scariest casting director laugh felt good. Unfortunately the callback wasn't so hot. We had to laugh on cue which sounds easy but is, in fact, not.

Very Nice Director: "Okay, I want you to burst out laughing on 3. One... two... Okay, now just a BURST - no build. You're serious, then you're laughing, 0kay? One... two... Okay, now make it really subtle, really natural, but quick! No build! One... two... Even smaller. Not the laugh but the build. And keep it nice and natural. One... two..."

I may never laugh again.

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