Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Please momma, may I have some more?

We've been rocking a hardcore heatwave here in NYC, so yesterday I took Will to the 2nd floor playground to experience the sprinklers. He spent most of the time hollering, baffled as to why his mother would take him out of his nice air conditioned apartment and throw water on his face. Good one. Good one.

Sleep is still shit. I think I've spotted an eye tooth breaking through so maybe that's what all the hubbub's about. Right now I'm going to sleep at 9 pm to try and compensate for the early, early mornings but it's really hard to hit the hay while the sun's still shining. (So much television I could be watching...) Solid food is still good for a laugh although I realized yesterday that I have no idea how to proceed. At what point does he move to cereal with every feeding? And when do I start increasing the amounts and cutting back on formula? I'm thinking of introducing avocado next week, but do I do it instead of cereal or in addition to? I've tried to find this stuff on the web but all I can find are variations on "follow your child's lead" which is totally unhelpful.



Doyce said...

I think that once Kaylee was reliably taking cereal in the formula, there wasn't a bottle I made for her that *didn't* have cereal in it*. I think you could probably just start putting it in all the time.

(* - Partly because I widened the holes in all the bottles to let the cereal through, so that eventually there were no nipples that pure formula wouldn't have just poured right out of.)

Start out with the mix-ratio that you're talking about now, and by the time they're... well, as I recall, every three months or so there was a point where it felt right to increase the ratio of cereal to formula.

By the time she was 18 months (and we cut the bottles out entirely**), the stuff in the bottle was about two steps short of soggy cornflakes.

** - She was off pacifiers at 4 months as well, and STILL with the oral fixation. Daddy's genes are STRONG.

As a bonus: a nice big bottle of cereal-heavy formula a little bit before bed can make little eyes very sleepy.

filthEdesign said...

i think i did cereal with formula exclusively for a month or more...started with once a day and then eventually every meal/bottle...then after that i added in one new food every 2 weeks - that way you can make sure they don't have an allergic reaction and if they do you know exactly which food is the culprit.

things like strawberries, you should wait till they're a year old...i'm sure there's a much more conclusive list than just "strawberries" somewhere :D

although my baby is 12 now and things change all the time so the strawberry thing may or may not be true!

Valerie said...

Bananas and avacadoe are good cause you can just mash 'em with a fork and mix with a little formula if they are too thick.

Oh what fun! And funky diapers...

(I'm so helpful aren't I?)