Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The weaning is slow going

Mother's Day. Wow. I still haven't quite accepted the fact that I'm someone's mom. That said, any excuse for presents is a good one in my book.

I had quite a glorious day. Matt got me a necklace that I really, really wanted (I'm not saying I took him to the store and stood there until he bought it for me... exactly...) and then we went to a nearby community garden and had a picnic. There was a maypole celebration going on and there were all these little dancers in homemade fairy costumes performing a ballet in the grass. One girl, a slightly chubby little number taking it way too seriously, totally reminded me of myself as a kid. I spent years performing in talent shows and 4th of July celebrations (Go 4th! Holla!), refusing to let my pot belly or glasses or lack of talent sway me from my dreams. Watching these girls dance so unabashedly (too young to think about things like sucking in their stomachs) was just heartbreaking, but in a good way. Unfortunately Will was feeling a little out of sorts so I'm not sure he enjoyed our outing as much as we did. His second tooth is coming in and he's been fever-y for the past few days, poor kid. Not that that stopped him from giving me the best Mother's Day present ever: He slept from 7 pm to 6 am! Eleven melonfarming hours. And then he put HIMSELF to sleep for his first nap. I cried. I actually, honestly cried.

Alas, Mother's Day is over and we're back to our old tricks. Will woke up at 3 today. Three in the ay-em, peeps. And no amount of waiting it out or caving in or bouncing or boobing would lull him back to dreamland. He was happy as a lark, singing and cooing (and kicking and rubbing his hand all over my face, which is his new favorite thing and exactly as annoying as it sounds). I stayed up with him - and by "stayed up" I mean "feigned sleep" - until 5 am, at which point I handed him over to his sleepy pop who entertained (see: "feigned sleep") until 6 am, which was slightly more humane starting time. I was sure he'd konk out hours before his first scheduled nap (FIVE HOURS LATER) but this kid is like the freaking Energizer Bunny. He's discovered the joy of volume, and that, combined with his newfound upper register, means hours of swooping shrieks. Anyone want to come babysit?

And the teeth...

I remember reading somewhere that babies can't bite you while breastfeeding because of the position of their tongue. I call bullshit on that bullshit. While I haven't been bitten per se, Will no longer unlatches by opening his mouth, preferring instead to drag those razor sharp baby teeth all the way down my nipple. Let me tell you, baby teeth are SHARP. They're not like ours, ground down by years of chewing. It's like being mauled by a puppy. (Did I tell you about the dream I had about the baby shark attached to my tit? Subtle, Subconscious.)


Missy said...

That no biting while breastfeeding is some BULL SHIT. Both of my kids managed to bite me hard enough to draw blood. I am sure they have been scarred for life after I screamed loud enough to be heard in all 50 states and yanked them off the boob so fast it is a wonder I didn't give them whiplash.


Woman with a Hatchet said...

Actually, they aren't supposed to be able to bite you specifically while ACTIVELY nursing. Their tongue gets in the way. So they have to stop nursing in order to bite you deliberately.

And yup, maypole dances are related to fertility rites. Kids should've been a bit older, though.

Tip for photography: don't shoot up their noses. : ) Either have the taller people sit, or you have to stand on something. I'm forever getting shots of Ed that look the same way, since he's so much taller than I am. Often, just getting farther back helps because then your distance changes the up the nose look.