Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Objects in photograph are not as sleepy as they appear.

Dear Sleep Training,

They said you were tough. That you reduce grown ups to tears and can fell a non-sleeper in three days flat. I was pretty nervous when my folks sprung you on me but now that you're here I just want to say one thing: I am totally kicking your ass!

You think you're so smart with your "bedtime routine" and refusal to let me get overtired. Please. I had teeth at 3 months! I can do anything! Heck, I can work up such a rage I'll PULL MY OWN DIAPER OFF! See that? I just screamed so loud I freaked out the cats. I'm working on finding just the right pitch so they'll attack each other. I figure I'll have it mastered by Sunday.

Cry It Out? You're in my house now, motherfoofer. Cry It On!


Woman with a Hatchet said...


At some point we will work on this at our house, too. Oh the joys!

Valerie said...

At least you still have your sense of humor :), right?

Cry it on, indeed... ha!

CIO and weaning at the same time? Sheesh woman...

Woman with a Hatchet said...

I have to admit to walking around yesterday saying Motherfoofer! to Eric at random times. And Cry it ON!

Because you're so darned funny.