Monday, April 14, 2008

Houston, we have liftoff.

And by "liftoff", I'm talking teeth, peeps. TEETH. TEEEEEEEETH!

I have so much more to yap about - my first audition in over a year, the Rock of Love finale (I smell a fix!) - but someone woke up four times last night (teeth?) and mama needs a hot bath to make it through. Tomorrow we see a specialist about Will's tongue tie (Did I mention he has tongue tie? He has tongue tie) and I suspect a snip is in order. I can't think too deeply about that... or about the fact that this weekend we're starting sleep training. On a 3 month old with teeth.

Pray for us.


Missy said...

I will be standing by for hand holding if you need it. Totally serious about that.

jeff said...

The audition wasn't for Rock of Love 3, was it?