Wednesday, April 16, 2008

And I thought feedings took a long time before...

Weaning. Yi.

Thank you all so much for your support with, well, everything, but especially the weaning. Truth be told I was a little afraid of talking about it. It's come up a few times with random mothers/neighbors and - yeesh. They always leave me feeling like crud (I'm working on the whole non-swearing thing) and usually end with a round of frantic pumping. I was convinced that his tongue tie was the problem but we took Will to the Ear, Nose, Throat doctor yesterday; turns out that his tongue tie is very minor (no surgery required) but he does have reflux, which is what has been causing the weight issues. He's now on baby doses of Zantac (trying to get the shit - stuff - down him is like wrestling a greased pig) and we have to keep him upright for 30 minutes after each feed (super fun at 2:30 am!) but it's totally treatable. Unfortunately, trying to get my milk production up at this point isn't as easy. Right now we're doing both - he gets 5 oz. of formula four times a day, followed by as much boob as he'll drink (as best I can guess, around an ounce), plus the boob for middle of the night feedings. This way I know he's getting enough food but he also gets the boost of boob. I don't know, it's the best system I can come up with. Sometimes it works (he wants both!) sometimes it doesn't (WHERE'S MY G-D BOOB, MA?!) but I'm trying.

Parenting - bah! (What sound does a sheep make?)


Woman with a Hatchet said...

If you want to drive your milk production back up, don't forget fenugreek, blessed thistle and alfalfa for supplements, a ton of water (crazy amounts) and mother's milk tea (tastes horrible). Take your doses every day, 3x per day. With LOTS of water.

As for the other moms making you feel like hell, it's because you are outside of their monkeysphere. While with me and your other actual RL friends that read your blog, clearly you are in hell and the job of friends is to provide support.

We had reflux, too. This is where sleeping in car seats became obligatory for us. However, it did clear up around 4-5 months.


Missy said...

A sheep says Baa-Baa. I know this because I played a sheep the Bathouse Players Production of Charolotte's Web in 1989.

I was only 5 of course.

Valerie said...

I cried the first time the boys got a bottle, I mean a bottle that was obviously 'replacing me' and not just letting me leave the house without boy attachments. I still wonder if there were things I should have done differently. But I'm mostly over it now... mostly.