Friday, April 4, 2008

3 months! (Give or take)

- There's definitely some magic in month three. Will is laughing up a storm and doing his best to master the art of conversation. ("Hello, Will!", "Ah-go! Zlighoxicbaaaaah!", "Hello, Will!" "Ah-GO! XLIDLSHIGHAAAAAH!!!") These exchanges are usually followed by a torrent of drool. Look out, ladies!

- Tummy time still suuuuucks. I've tried hunkering down next to him, surrounding him with toys, singing, clapping... You name it, he ain't buying it. After a few minutes of screaming, followed by several pathetic, bobbleheaded push ups, it always ends with a major squall (and lots of licking of the mat. Everything goes in the mouth these days). We have found one thing that extends tummy time a wee bit; the one thing guaranteed to grab his attention and hold it indefinitely (if you consider five minutes indefinite). And that thing, quelle surprise, is the g-d television. If there was any question that this is my child, just put him in the same room as a TV and watch all doubts disappear.

- Teething... Oh people, TEETHING. Do I even need to describe our nights now? Will is teething earlier than the average bear which means no over-the-counter pain relief (4 months and up) which means no relief, period. We've been using some homeopathic teething stuff (camilia herb) that seems to help a little bit, but I suspect it's wishful thing more than anything. We've tried every single teether on the market but, like all things soothing (pacifiers, swings, NAPS), Will-ful wants nothing to do with them. We even tried refrigerating a wet washcloth for him to chew after a friend's recommendation but he just tentatively tongued it for a few minutes. This leaves us with nature's oldest pacifier - me. Needless to say, when you're nursing to sleep, nursing to soothe, and nursing to freaking nurse, nursing gets old quiiiick. (How long does it take for those first two teeth to come in, anyway?)

- Will MAY have said his first word, depending on your definition of "word". Is it his first word the first word he says or the first one he understands? I'm absolutely convinced he was saying "mama" a few weeks ago, and I have my completely unbiased chiropractor to back me up. ("Is your baby saying mama?!", "Uh, it sounds like it a little...", "No! That child is saying mama! He's crying and looking dead at you and saying mama!") Unfortunately the excitement of "mama" has fallen by the wayside and been replaced with the much less verifiable "uh-oh". Matt says that unless Will knows what he's saying, it's not a word. I say, if it sounds like a word, it's a WORD. And since I'm the one with the sore boobs, I think I win.

- Speaking of sore boobs, this popping on and off booshit is really getting old.

- A word to the wise: When untested, store brand diapers are on major markdown, THERE'S PROBABLY A REASON WHY. I don't care if being peddled by a major retailer (ahem, Babies R Us, ahem) or that they're only $15 a box (versus $40 for our old stand by, Seventh Generation). Trust your gut and stick to Pampers, unless you have a hankering to change your sheets twice in one night. (Does anyone have a guaranteed no-leak fave? Or a place for cheap diapers online? Alas, Costco requires a car.)


Woman with a Hatchet said...

On teething, you could try a cold, peeled carrot from the fridge. Or if you can get one of these teether mesh bag thingies, you could put cold apples in it.

Mine aren't really teething yet, no teeth in sight, but they do like to chew.

Once he gets excited about his feet and really starts rolling he won't hate it sa much. You also don't really HAVE to do it, but it's nice to give them something new to scream about. : )

Missy said...

Huggies were our diaper standby. Very few leakage problems. We tried the cheap diaper thing too and decided that it wasn't cheaper if you were washing 20 loads of sheets every day, and changing twice as many diapers because the cheap ones apparently have all the absorbency of a mesh bag.