Friday, February 29, 2008

10 weeks old!

Crippled mommy! Pock marked dad! Let the fun times begin!

- Will has started "talking", which is mostly a lot of ah-goo sounds held together with some adorable cooing. He has also started practicing his laugh which kills me. The other day he was even doing it in his sleep. The heart, she melted.

- Although tummy time massively sucks, he's great at holding his head up in sitting and standing positions. Speaking of standing, the boy looooooves it. Unfortunately he loves it most when I'm trying to burp him. There he'll be, slung over my shoulder, pushing with all his might against my belly to try and stand. It's cute, albeit really damned uncomfortable.

- We haven't had immunizations yet, due to Matt's pox. We're taking him to a new pediatrician on Tuesday and I'm pretty psyched to meet her. She trained under Dr. Andrew Weil (the Santa Claus-looking guy who's always on Oprah touting natural aging and nutrition) so I'm hoping she'll be gentle. Hopefully she can also shed some light on Will's sleeping issues. (They have a pediatric homeopathy wing! How... something is that?!)

- He definitely has his mama's hair. If his temperament (and nap schedule, she says hopefully) allows, we've talked about getting him into baby modeling. Between the red hair and blue eyes, Matt's taken to calling him "Cash Cow". (College doesn't pay for itself.)

- Fists are apparently delicious.


Amanda said...

I know that I just told you this on the phone, but that picture is the MOST hilarious!! Oh man, the comedy!

Missy said...

I need shirts like that for my girls.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Love the shirt!

Oh and if you think fists are yummy, just you wait until he discovers feet! A taste sensation that can't be beat.

Good luck w/ the new doc! Tiny fists are waving in the air in baby solidarity, here at Chez Hatchet for ya.