Monday, January 21, 2008

Got blood?

A few nights ago when I was feeding Will, I looked down and saw something disturbing. Blood was oozing out of the side of my baby's mouth.

Do I even need to clarify the level of freak?

I pulled Will off, trying to figure out how he'd managed to cut himself on my boob when I noticed that it wasn't him that was bleeding, it was me. Instead of milk, my nipple was leaking blood. Will (not being one to stop a feeding NO MATTER WHAT) kept frantically rooting for the boob, which only succeeded in smearing blood all over his face. If you've ever wondered what a baby vampire would look like, I can paint the visual.

Luckily - oh so luckily - I had actually read about this. Some babies can suck so intensely that they actually pull blood. All the books say that it's perfectly normal (?!?) and as long as there's no pain you're just supposed to continue feeding.

Uh, okay.

Shoving your bloody tit back in your infant's mouth? Not something one soon forgets...

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