Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'm with the bandanna.

Oh there's so much to talk about! Will's heartbreaking cuteness... the fact that he hasn't pooped in six days... that g-d birth story... But who cares about all that? Rock of Love is back and it's whore-ier than ever!

As most of you know, I loves my trash TV. I was hooked - nay, glued - to Season 1 of ROL. The bandannas! The backstabbing! The boobs! While I was thrilled to hear that my beloved, bedazzled Bret Michaels would be back for Round 2 ("Last season I had some Rock of Like, and plenty of Rock of Lust, but I still haven't found my Rock of Love") I was a little concerned. Would the show lose it's delicious blend of unintentional hilarity and baldfaced smut? Would its sweet, delusional frontman start playing for the cameras and lose his charm? Would every rose still have it's thorn?

No, no, and yesssss!

And the girls? Oh the girls... It always shocks me when seemingly intelligent, attractive women go on shows like this. It's not like they win anything, except perhaps an unfortunate venereal disease. (And speaking of winning, what the hell is Megan, winner of by far the best season of Beauty and the Geek, doing here?! You won $25,000! On a show that purported to be about brains! I'm so disappointed...)

FYI, I promise to post more baby pics as soon as I can figure out how to do it. And as soon as I get a nap.

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Missy said...

Oh you KNOW the husband and I were tuned in. So glad to have my man in the bandana back. Surely SURELY this time he will find true love.

I think our secondary addiction (pardon the pun here) is going to be Celebrity Rehab. Talk about watching a train wreck...

Damn Vh-1.