Friday, December 7, 2007

He still ain't here

The hard drive on our desktop kicked the bucket the other day which means that I'm forced to use the laptop - which means that posting will probably be a touch sporadic until the Geek Squad shows. (Using a laptop becomes surprisingly tricky when one has no lap.) Still, thought I'd peek in to let you know that the babe's still happily (very happily. Oh so happily) ensconced in my belly. But I'm currently 50% effaced and at -1 which means... um...

I have no idea what that means.

I know we covered this stuff in childbirth class but I was too busy trying not to watch the videos to pay proper attention. I think that being 50% effaced means that my cervix is halfway to GO, and once I reach 100% I'll start dilating. The -1 thing? No clue. I wanted to ask my doctor but it's tough to formulate a sentence when someone's hand is all up in your bizazzness.

Unfortunately the boy is facing front (no good) and his back is resting on my right side (again, no good). Doc didn't seem concerned though; she said that contractions tend to corkscrew the kid into proper position and only 5% of babies that face front stay there. Still, a little gentle encouragement can't hurt. (If you think I haven't broken out the flashlight, you don't know me at all.)


ktbuffy said...

If the Geek Squad shows up with an NSA or CIA agent, try to waddle away quickly!!

(Am I the only one loving "Chuck"?)

Laura said...

The location of the baby's head is described as a station, ranging from -5 to +5. -5 means it's way up, +5 means crowning and visible from, well, you know. 0 station means the head dropped into the pelvis. So I would say you are on your way! Good luck and I am not looking forward to your absence! (your avid reader in small town PA)

Woman with a Hatchet said...

I was 100% effaced with Caitlin and never masde it past 1 cm dilated. I'm here to tell ya the two ain't necessarily connected. But, on the other hand, you're probably far more normal than I.

Meaning: tick tick tick!