Wednesday, November 14, 2007

How do I know what size baby bottles to buy?

Wait, week 36 ALREADY?! Wasn't it just week 35, like, yesterday? (Actually, yes.)

Home stretch, kids! Let me tell ya, this boy wants out. Frankly I'd be perfectly happy to let him to stay in until the stroke of week 40. I'm finding it difficult to get into the swing of this whole "relaxing" thing.

Day 1:

- Lugged a surprisingly large baby tub to UPS because Amazon wrecked it during shipping
- Hit the bank and the drugstore
- Bought myself a nursing bra
- Swept and Swiffered the apartment
- Shuffled the 30 minute walk to the chiropractor
- Braved the Monday afternoon crowds at Trader Joe's (FYI: according to the preposterously attractive Checkout Slacker, Mondays are even busier than weekends. Who knew?)
- Had maintenance re-caulk the sink and tub

Day 2:

- Hit the gym for the first time in over four months
- Did five loads of laundry
- Started an article for Dramatics Magazine
- Made beef stew from scratch

Hmmm... Overcompensate for feelings of inadequacy much?

So week 35 was pretty much like week 34, only with more constipation. (And moodiness! Don't forget moodiness!) Still waiting for my boobs to come in. (I was hoping for Mammary Mountain but I'm more of a ski slope.) Still eating everything in sight. Still unable to sleep. But I am farting a whole lot so that's... something.

I'm also trying to convince my husband that Beowulf will not be the Best. Movie. Ever. (Angelina Jolie naked! And ANIMATED!) I suspect this is a battle I will not win.


Missy said...

Oh no! Not a wrecked baby tub! What did they do load it in to the truck by throwing it out of a 30 story window and letting it bounce into the truck after it hit the ground. I thought those things were indestructable.

Missy said...

Oh yeah. Get all 8 oz and just fill to what you need. Eventually you will need the 8oz for the longest period of time. Maybe a few small ones for travel convenience.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Be sure to read Val's post on Bisphenol A free bottles before you shop.

Also, if you're planning on breastfeeding, you'll need several nursing bras (for then the one you're wearing gets soaked), sleep bras (they get soaked too) and breastpads (to attempt to soak up that which soaks through the other bits).

You may want to consider a breast pump as well. I use the Medela Pump In Style and it works like a charm. It also comes with a pair (or 4) of 4 oz BisA free bottles, as well.

The Girl in Black said...

While the Angelina Animated camp may think that is what makes Beowulf the best movie ever...

I like to think it is because cutie patootie Neil Gaiman cowrote the screenplay.

For that reason only, I am willing to suffer through Zemeckis animation. Even though it creeps me out no small bit.