Sunday, November 4, 2007


Halfway through week 34 already?! I swear this kid's gonna be here in a minute and a half.

- So far week 34 is pretty much like week 33, except with less sleep and more yeast infections. I keep waking up in the middle of the night with a tearing, stretching feeling in the skin on the top of my bump. The pulling is so intense it feels like it's actually going to rip. So far no stretch marks but tons of ouch. Any other mamas experience this?

- Gifts have begun arriving, thank you very much! Needless to say, the cards still aren't done. (Along with everything else baby related.)

- The crib is assembled (it has been since we got it, complements of the guy who gave it to us) but the hospital bag is nonexistent. For some reason I can't bring myself to pack it. Partially it's because I'm not sure what I need to bring (feel free to pass along any tips) and partially because it means that I'm actually going to have to birth this little guy. And that's just crazy.

- Trying to hunt down a glider. God I hate those things. Ugly, ugly, ugly, ugly, ugly - and yet so comfortable. I hate the thought of spending $400 for something I know we'll be throwing out in two years. I'd normally insist on going the "gently used" route but since gliders tend to be germy places, what with all the spitting up that occurs, I feel compelled to go new. But why, why do they have to be so hideous?

- According to all the pertinent websites, Possum's approximately 5 lbs and 19 inches long now, or roughly the size of a small schnauzer. He's busy putting on some much needed fat which translates into a ravenous mom. My day now consists of breakfast, a pre-lunch snack, lunch, a pre-dinner snack, and dinner, followed by a nightly raiding of the Halloween candy pail. Best not get between me and the refrigerator, that's all I have to say.

- Homeless people love me. I can't pass a homeless person without them shouting words of encouragement. ("Keep a-going, little mama!") It's kind of lovely.


Woman with a Hatchet said...

One way to make the glider nicer would be to sew (or have someone sew - not like *I* know how to, either!) a nicer cover on it. Trust me, though. You may not get rid of it in 2 years. They are great places to read books together with your little one.

And you can nap in them. If you get one that reclines a little, you can nap in it more easily.

The homeless people's words of encouragement? Sweet!

What to bring to the hospital? I always over estimate my attention span. Make sure you have a change of clothes and your hair brush. For me there was no point in bringing makeup, a book, music or even slippers. The hospital provided all kinds of stuff. Take everything home that they will let you take. You never know how useful it all will be later.

Missy said...

Maybe an extra receiving blanket or two to send back home with possum's scent to help prepare the kitties.

Laura said...

Something that I liked having at the hospital was jolly ranchers. You may not be allowed to eat anything, but with all the heavy breathing, hard candy will help keep your mouth hydrated. Chapstick, too. Forget books, makeup, etc. And do take home anything you can get your hands on, especially the ice packs!

Lisa P said...

My hospital recommendations...

1. A pillow from home. Hate hospital pillows. So nice to curl into something you don't have to worry about other people having drooled on.

2. Phone cards. Man, hospital phone rates are ridiculous. Can't always use your cell either.

3. Mule type shoes. Feet can swell after delivery. Shoes you fit heading to the hospital may not fit on the way home.

4. Definitely the Chapstick.

I finally figured out how to access my Google Account I created ages ago so I could post here. Not sure how I will show up, but this is Lisa P.

Lisa P said...

Sorry I haven't been around. The last few weeks of my pregnancy have been a bit rough. My son is arriving via c-section on Nov. 19th!