Thursday, November 29, 2007

And sleep. Can't forget that.

Friends, it's been a long time coming but I think it's time for another dose of THINGS ALISHA LOVES!

- NYC's Christmas tree sellers are already out in full force! (The music, the lights, the heady scent of pine... If that don't get you into the Christmas spirit almost a month in advance, nothing will!)

- The fact that Kiehl's just sent me a $20 gift certificate - no minimum purchase required! (I bought this. Frivolousness is highly underrated.)

- Adorable French bistros and good friends who force you out of the house to join them there.

- Britney might be pregnant again. (Her camp is denying it but if In Touch says it's true - and has the texts from the baby daddy to back it up - than I believe it.)

- The resurgence of the silhouette. (I've got to have this. Plus, custom portraits - only $25!)

- Flensted mobiles.

- The fact that Trader Joe's delivers. (If only they didn't charge me $10 for it.)

- Bread pudding with warm whiskey sauce.

- These awesome glasses.

- This hilariously filthy deleted scene from Knocked Up.

- Blackberry Farm: dream vacation. ("Globe-trotting gastronomes come to this Smoky Mountain property for the intimate three-day cooking lessons and cozy eight-course meals hosted by guest chefs like Thomas Keller. Custom culinary experiences - like whipping up wheels of blue cheese from scratch - and unwinding at the spa are also on the menu.")

- Any of these kinds of toys.

- Three words: Darth. Vader. Booties.

- Discovering Avalon Organics lavender hand cream at Trader Joe's at unheard-of prices.

- Pushing Daisies. (Minus the constant barrage of boobies from every female character. What gives, Wardrobe?)

- The Knuffle Bunny books. (Genius.)

- The privilege of watching Project Runway uninterrupted.

- The privilege of doing anything uninterrupted.

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Missy said...

If BH had seen those Darth Vader Booties, I would have totally been over ruled on the baby gift.