Friday, October 26, 2007

Boobsie McGee

(Looking down)

I don't mean to complain or anything but looking at this picture, I'm starting to feel a bit shafted in the boob department.

Where are my bodacious breastages? My monstrous milk jugs? My titanic, titular tetons? My body knows I'm pregnant (my stomach's totally on board) but my itty bitty titties? Not so much. I'm starting to worry that maybe something's up, like I'm not capable of feeding my offspring or something. Is it possible not to make milk? And is it weird that the thought of making milk still kind of grosses me out? I'm absolutely intent on breastfeeding - as long as I don't think about it too deeply. Milk! Coming out of my boobs! Milk coming out of my boobs! SOMEBODY DRINKING! FROM MY BOOBS!


Still, I'd like the boobs.


Woman with a Hatchet said...

The boobs will arrive with the milk fairy. Normally I'm a "B". As I gained weight with the pregnancy, I moved up to a "D". Once the milk came in, I am somewhere between a "D" and an "E".

You to shall have your chance, grasshopper.

But lemme tell you this: if you haven't taken a breastfeeding/lactation class yet, I highly recommend it. There's all kinds of stuff to learn before you start that is very helpful. Hand holding, latch positions, getting your Possum to open his darned mouth! and so on. Hie thee to a class, woman!

And may the boob fairies be generous to you. : )

Missy said...

Yup the huge boobies did not come until after the babies and the milk. Then WOWSA.

#1 used to nurse til she was full on one side (the milk fairy was very generous to me. I frequently could pump 4-6 ounces from just one breast. I guess everyone has their talent and mine apparently was milk production.) and then I would go around with one boob considerably larger than the other. (Only for a short time, I had to pump for comfort sake, but it was a good laugh until I did.)

Nursing is kind of a weird thing at first. I bet you will get over the strange feeling very quickly, because as soon as the kiddo is born all focus goes to getting the milk out and how much is coming out. I have yet to meet the nursing mother who did not obsess about that in the beginning.

I believe that bodacious ta-ta's are in your future.

Oh yeah. I also agree with getting to the class AND finding good lactation support for when the action truly starts. It is tough at first, and easy to get discouraged what with the sleep deprivation and hormonal issues figuring in to the picture. Patience is required for the process to be sure. You can do it!

Woman with a Hatchet said...

And the pain. Ugh.

However, don't let that dissuade you. "Think of the children!" and the weight loss and how it's free! And additional IQ points.

And it's eco!

Sometimes On The Mark said...

Three days after the kid was born, my girls were bursting out of the nursing bra I bought with care. And the pain, weeks later, of an over-full breast after actually sleeping more than two hours... When I think of the pain, my boob actually aches with remembrance. Lactation is freaky and wonderful, a pain in the ass (boob, rather), and the most endearing thing ever. Congrats on the impending cleavage boost!