Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What IS that?!

So I'm wandering around the house the other night making myself some dinner and I keep smelling this... thing. This weird, musky odor, like a combination of old man sweat and semen. I checked the garbage, cleaned the litter box... I could not figure out where it was coming from. So I started checking my clothes (you never know what you might've sat on) and that's when I discovered it.

The smell was me.

OH MY GOD, PEOPLE! I SMELL LIKE GEEZER AND SPUNK! When did this happen? Have I always smelled like this? Have people been too polite to tell me? I know that "pregnancy nose" means that I'm smelling it more intensely than the general population but Jesus be, it's nastacular!

Of course I ran to Google the shit. (What did we do before Google?) Smelling weird? Another preggo thing. For some reason, women's scents change when they're knocked up. Some women report that their down there smells a touch off, some bathe several times a day. I've definitely noticed that my toots are a bit more piquant than usual ("What the hell is that smell?! Has somebody been eating cabbage?") but I feel a little better knowing that that it's not just me.

That said, if I reek? Let a girl know.


ktbuffy said...

Man oh man. All these things you're saying -- do I have to be pregnant to have a baby?

Oh, wait! I don't! I'ma gonna be a stepmommy!

Doyce said...

Mom's are like the best bad-smell-detectors EVER. The thing with your sense of smell going through the roof? Not only is it useful for detecting food and other environmentals that are potentially bad for Bebe, IT DOESN'T GO AWAY.

Well, at least not entirely. Post-pregnancy, you can count on having like... SUPERHERO level smelling.

Not one of the good superheroes, but... you know. One of the one's with a day job smelling things.